Plomberie VIP specializes in Residential & Commercial plumbing with experienced plumbers in the Greater Montreal, the South Shore and the North Shore. Impeccable and professional service allows us to keep our customers satisfied and entrusted of the efficiency of our services. Trust Plomberie VIP as your residential and commercial plumbing contractor in the Montreal area and surroundings.

> Unclogging Drains
> Leaking
> Pipe Inspection Camera
> Water Heaters
> Sewer Backup
> Pipe Thawing
> Renovation of bathroom
> Commercial Kitchen
> Check Valve

> Bathtubs and showers 
> Dishwashers 
> Sinks and Faucets 
> Food Waste Disposals 
> Drain roots removal 
> Sump Pump 
> French Drain 
> Toilets 
> Preventive drain cleaning